Hey everyone,

I am continuing with my series of  free “mini lesson” videos on a huge variety of drumset and musical topics.

I will soon be uploading some new performances of my many student ensembles from Jazz to Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Percussion to Led Zeppelin Ensemble!

Additionally, I will soon begin a series to feature many of my former students and their many musical accomplishments!

Picture of Drummer Rob Brosh

Drumset Lessons with Rob Brosh

My approach to teaching drumset lessons for every individual student includes a complete program to develop the many skills the complete drummer must have.

Students learn on drumset:

1. Four-way coordination (how all four limbs work together)                                       

2. Many music styles: rock – pop – funk – hip hop – jazz and various Latin styles (emphasis is placed on student’s favorite styles)         

3. Various techniques of movement around the drums for fills and solos           

4. The styles and techniques of many legendary drummers through recordings and drumset transcriptions

Students learn on snare drum:

1. Hand technique (from basic to advanced)                                                                               

2. Sight reading skills                                                                         

3. Etude books (from entry level to advanced)                     

4. Rhythm and meter concepts

All of these areas of study are essential for developing a complete drumset player that can excel in the music style(s) that he or she loves to play!

One other really important thing – you have to have FUN learning to play the drumset!!  

Rob Brosh playing drumset

This Month's "Mini" Drumset Lesson

Here is the fourth of  many free “mini” drumset lessons (go to the archived lesson page to see earlier lessons) that Rob offers on a variety of topics for beginners to intermediate to advanced players.
In this lesson titled “the three over two polyrhythm applied to jazz comping,” Rob demonstrates how a three over two polyrhythm can be approached both on and off of the beat around the drums.  This allows drummers to create some interesting ideas that will add variety to their jazz comping.”
In drumset lessons with Rob, you will learn various approaches to gaining strong four-way coordination and a complete rhythmic vocabulary to play today’s many musical styles and genres.

About Dr. Rob Brosh

Rob’s private teaching career spans 43 years making him one of the most experienced drumset teachers in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas!
Rob’s wealth of teaching knowledge comes from the incredible “Who’s Who’s” of world class drumset teacher/performers Rob has studied with including; Adam Nussbaum, Gary Chaffee, Alan Dawson, and many more. For beginning students to the most accomplished and advanced students, Rob teaches many of the concepts and methods of the above mentioned drumming greats!
Rob has been a college music history and drumset faculty professor at a number of colleges and universities for the past 30 years including: Rowan University, Temple University, The New School (in New York), The University of the Arts, and more.   
Rob plays drumset in many musical styles and has worked the showrooms in Atlantic City for numerous musical acts and leads: The Loose Cannon Band and The Live Wire Band throughout the South Jersey/Philadelphia/New York areas. Rob also performs with the Jimi Hendrix tribute band called Hendrix Resurrection and the 27 Club and The Matt Adams Band.
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How to Signup or Schedule a Drum Lesson

You can contact Rob directly to schedule drumset lessons or percussion lessons at

(856) 912-1296 or click the contact button below to send Rob a message or ask a question.

Student Testimonials

Rob Brosh Studio Location

The Rob Brosh Drum and Percussion Studio is located at:
140 Sandhurst Drive, Mt. Laurel NJ 08054
Located right off of Route 38 in Mt. Laurel, the studio is 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 15 minutes from Cherry Hill, NJ.
Rob also hosts all of the Ensembles at this studio location.

Here's a quick look at Rob performing Jimi Hendrix's "Fire." For more video's of Rob please click the About page button below.

Other Information

Rob also teaches: Mallet instruments – Tympani – Brazilian – Afro Cuban – West African instruments and more…
College Drumset and Percussion Auditions: Rob has prepared a countless number of students for college auditions and has helped hundreds of students gain admission to the best college music programs in the country!
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